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Hungarian Partner Finder


Hungarian wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend finder service


We launched an own partner finder service, it is free for you. If you would like to find Hungarian girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife, please contact us. You only need to send a photo and a short description about your expectation. We translate into Hungarian and publish it for our native visitors, including your e-mail address. Contact: partnerseek at /type in/.

Partner seeking

pretty-designated, 49-year-old woman is looking for her age-matched, modern-minded marrow. 176 cm tall, blonde, green-eyed, 67 kg, non-smoker, I drink alcohol only occasionally. I am love-give-able, humorous, but even so serious-minded Hungarian lady. My nickname is Baby.
Please send e-mail to this address: E-mail More images: 2 ; 3 ; 4

She is looking for a partner

She is looking for a partner.
56 years old, young, said to pretty lady seeks a possibly Hungarian-speaking partner in the world. 162 cm high, 62 kg, intelligent, happy, always smiling woman, who is looking for her honest, reliable fellow. I have a little English. I look forward to get e-mails to the address. More photos: 2 ; 3 ; 4

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