Hello, to whom it may concern; my name is Robert George Braun, I live in Toronto Ontario Canada, I am presently looking for a wife between the ages of 18 and 26, who is looking to immigrate to Canada, prerequisites are the lady must have no children, be attractive, not be pushy, arrogant, obnoxious, rude. Must be loving, endearing, sensual, and smart. I am looking forward to helping this person with retaining an education at college or university levels, desiring that this person will be able to create a family for myself and her intelligent enough to realize what life is about, wanting to better herself, and to love honor and cherish, must be honest and not involved in any sort of adultery, must be willing to negotiate and take my advice with a grain of salt, as soon as she is able to get herself into Canada Toronto, if everything is copacetic I will marry this lady immediately! This lady must not have any ulterior motives with regards to the marriage, marriage must be out of that person's heart. Luckily enough I am a man who does not have to work any longer, this does not mean that I am rich, but luckily enough I am able to either care for children, or be with the one that I love as much is needed to nurture this relationship. I am an easy-going gentleman who is willing to negotiate with regards to anything I wish for my lady to be desirable wanting and somewhat needy for my advice and love. My parents immigrated during the revolution, I myself am a first-generation Canadian, that speaks fluent in Hungarian. I unfortunately do not read or write the language because I've never went to a Hungarian school. The reason I wish to marry Hungarian lady is because I want my children to speak the language, and I believe you need to parents speaking Hungarian to the children so that they learned efficiently. I wish that this lady able to get as far ahead in this country as her ability permits. Also it is because I love Hungarian food good cook for Hungarian, German, Austrian, French, and Italian cuisine, but I wish to get a break once in a while from cooking and I'm hoping that the young lady that I meet will have some culinary experience in Hungarian cuisine. I also wish her to be romantic and affectionate young lady. I have been trying this Internet dating for a while now, and all I am able to achieve is ladys with ulterior motives, all these women are asking for money upfront so as to they claim to purchase airfare to Canada, there are no guarantees I will ever hear or see from this person again after I send the money! This is why I'm asking for your assistance. Sincerely yours Robert Braun. Some English is essential but not necessary, it just makes it easier to communicate in both languages for myself than in one. Religion does not really matter as long as our ideals are the same. I once again thank you very much looking forward to your reply. The picture I sent is during Christmas. My religion is Anglican or some people call it Protestant this of course is a Christian religion. God bless and have a good day.

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